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Leipzig University offers free workshops to all doctoral researchers and postdocs of the Arqus Universities

If you are a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher, the Research Academy of Leipzig University offers you the opportunity to strengthen the skill sets you need as an early career researcher in a differentiated and tailored way and to actively plan the next steps on your career path.

  • Online registration opens one month before each workshop takes place.
  • You can register for up to three workshops of your choice, and you will then receive an automatic confirmation email.
  • Some workshops are in English and some are in German. Check the complete programme for further details.
  • **Students of Leipzig University may be awarded ECTS credits for the completion of a workshop. Students…
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Arqus holds its second Academic Debate focusing on the upcoming US presidential elections

The US presidential elections: a battle for global? supremacy
29th OCT 2020 at 19:00 CET on the Arqus YouTube channel

“America is fulfilling our destiny as peacemaker, but it is peace through strength. We are stronger now than ever before […], and only when you take care of your own citizens will you find a true basis for cooperation. As president I have rejected the failed approaches of the past and I am proudly putting America first, just as you should be putting your countries first”, said US-President Donald Trump addressing the United Nations General Assembly in September 2020. During the four years of his presidency, Trump has been acting upon one of his signature campaign promises, i.e., distancing the US from the rest of the world…

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Happy Arqus Day 2020!

Happy first Arqus Day!

On 18th October 2019, the Arqus Rectors’ Council was formally established in Granada, and our rectors signed the partnership agreement that defines the commitments and internal working procedures of the Alliance for the first three-year work plan. On that date, the Alliance with its seven members was also publicly and officially presented for the first time following the announcement that it had been selected for funding in the first pilot call. Such an important event was later designated as the annual day to celebrate Arqus, the Arqus Day.

So today, we celebrate our first Arqus day, happy and excited as we share the challenge of building together bridges to the future of our seven universities.

Arqus is now one year wiser; one year…

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Arqus opens the Twinning call 2020

Arqus Twinning aims to strengthen subject-related collaboration of staff and students and create possibilities to carry out joint learning and teaching activities through piloting short-term mobility schemes with a priority in Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) and STEM disciplines.

Twinning is perceived as the mobility of a team, consisting of 1 teacher and 3 to 6 students, moving to another partner institution within the same subject area. Length of the visit is 3 to 5 days (+2 additional days for traveling).

Twinning activities may vary in their mode and type. They may include internships, group trips, participation in international contests, joint workshops, summer schools, group projects, etc.

These activities might be implemented through regular (…

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Arqus celebrates the Arqus Day by holding a discussion on inclusion in mobility

On October 16th at 2 pm CEST, the Arqus European University Alliance will hold a discussion on inclusion in mobility, as part of the programme of the #ERASMUSDAYS2020 as well as to celebrate the Arqus Day, which is the 18th of October.

The Arqus European University Alliance was one of the first 17 alliances selected by the European Commission in 2019. Since then, many things have happened, including a global pandemic of COVID-19 that has severely impacted the international collaboration, especially the mobility of students and staff. Both the creation of this new type of inter-university cooperation and the travel restrictions are disrupting our classic way of looking at mobility.

If we understand mobility as a significant international experience that contributes to…

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Leipzig University creates the Arqus Café, a virtual place to practice languages

Leipzig University has started a new initiative as part of the Action Line "Multilingual and multicultural university": the Arqus café, a virtual place for students from any of the Arqus universities who is learning a foreign language and would like to use this language outside the environment of the classroom. It is a virtual meeting place that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

So grab your cup of coffee and join us!

These meetings last about one hour and are accompanied by native speaking tutors.

The Arqus Café organises meetings for practicing the following languages:

  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
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Six entrepreneurs selected to take part in the Arqus ISLYE 2020-21 program

The Arqus ISLYE (International mobility for young entrepreneurs) programme for student entrepreneurs aims to offer international mobility opportunities between incubators (in collaboration with higher education institutions), to student entrepreneurs through partnerships based on the principle of reciprocity, in order to support them in the development of their internationalisation strategy.

Following the 2020-21 call for applications, 6 excellent candidates have been selected to move on to the next round of virtual mentoring and coaching sessions, in order to work on their businesses with their host incubators!

The 6 selected young entrepreneurs are:

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron

Vilnius University, one of the members of the Arqus Alliance, awards Emmanuel Macron the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa for his idea of creating the European Universities Initiative

Vilnius University, one of the seven partner universities that form the Arqus Alliance, has awarded today the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to His Excellency the President of France Emmanuel Macron, for his idea of creating the European university initiative, the origin of the Arqus European University Alliance.

Today, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, visited Vilnius University (VU), where he was awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa of VU at a solemn ceremony. During the visit, the French leader also took part in a discussion in which he discussed in detail the current issues of the European economy, relations with the world’s major powers and shared insights on the future of global Europe.

The goal is European integration

In an exclusive…

Arqus European Day of Languages

Happy European Day of Languages!

Today Arqus is celebrating the European Day of Languages. By focusing on the advancement of multilingual and multicultural universities, the seven partner universities of the Arqus European University Alliance are united in their commitment to promote linguistic and cultural diversity.

This commitment has been shown through numerous activities which the Alliance has been able to carry out despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples of this include the development of eLearning material for language learning, various workshops – for both students and colleagues – on language and intercultural competence, as well as the collective work on a common certification system. A bilateral exchange between Leipzig and Granada has been particularly fruitful. At this virtual…

Emmanuel Macron

Vilnius University will award Emmanuel Macron the title of Doctor Honoris Causa for the idea of creating the European Universities Initiative

Next Tuesday, 29th of September, Vilnius University will award the Presidence of France, Emmanuel Macron, the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the University.

The Arqus European University Alliance would not be a reality if the European Universities Initiative did not exist. And it all started when Mr Macron first made such a proposal in his famous speech at the University of Sorbonne, in Paris, in 2017. That speech became the framework for the vision of the Gothenburg Summit of EU leaders in the area of education and culture.

In its December 2017 Conclusions, the European Council called on Member States, the Council and the Commission to take forward a number of initiatives that included '…strengthening strategic partnerships across the EU between higher education…