Workshop "How to get in contact with & activate students in an overall digital environment"

Picture of the three participants and the title, date and time of the session

On 27th May from 13:30 to 16:00 CEST, Arqus organizes the online workshop "How to get in contact with & activate students in an overall digital environment" by Doreen Klein (Leipzig University), Kari Bjørgo Johnsen (University of Bergen) and Mandi Strambowski (University of Leipzig).

Not understanding tasks and objectives, missing connections, postponing important tasks – all of this has a negative effect on the learning process and learning success. However, this is exactly what can easily happen to students during a predominantly digital semester. How do teachers ensure that their students get work on tasks independently on a regular basis, even in larger groups - and not only actively in the face-to-face online events, but also in the meantime, during self-study? From the perspective of accompanied self-study, it is precisely in these independent learning phases that the integration, transfer, processing and application of the knowledge imparted through teaching and the development of competencies succeed.

The central aim of this workshop is to look at what is required for teachers and their students to get in contact with one another and stay in touch throughout the semester.

The workshop will primarily focus on the design of initial situations, as these are the key points of successful communication and a good working atmosphere for the entire semester - regardless of whether the courses are synchronous or asynchronous.

Learning Outcomes

  • what is important for a successful start to the semester and how this ensures successful communication throughout the semester.
  • methods and tools to activate students in their courses during self-study and in face-to-face online events.


Doreen Klein | Leipzig University.

Doreen Klein is working at the University of Leipzig in teaching and learning in Higher Education for 10 years. She studied adult education and communication science, worked in the Career Center and political union education and qualified tutors (student as teachers).

Kari Bjørgo Johnsen | University of Bergen.

Kari Bjørgo Johnsen is engaged in educational development at the University of Bergen, being involved in the design and redesign of courses and programmes, with an emphasis on what the students do and how their learning needs to be aligned with teaching and assessment practices.

Mandi Strambowski | Leipzig University.

For seven years Mandi Strambowski works in the field of teaching and learning enhancement at Leipzig university. The focus of her work is on supporting curriculum development and consultation as well as giving didactic workshops for the professors and lecturers at our university.

Target Group

University teachers within the Arqus Alliance