Action Line 4 has offered 5 interesting summer schools this year

Picture of the students of last year summer school in Leipzig,

Action Line 4 has offered a lot this summer. Various summer schools have been provided by the different Arqus partners.

Language and multiculturality is the focus of Action Line 4. And what a better way to learn about these topics than by interacting with others. Therefore, Action Line 4 has offered different programs and courses this summer to bring students into an exchange.

The Faculty of Philology of Vilnius University held its annual summer school of linguistics in a hybrid mode. The program included different lectures and talks on linguistic typology. Find out more.

The University of Bergen offered a course in June and July for students from other countries who wanted to improve their language. The whole course and all talks and lectures were held in Norwegian.

In the beginning of July, the University of Graz offered a virtual summer school on Stability, Security, and Happiness: State – Society – Religion. During this international summer school students from all disciplines and levels had the chance to deepen their understanding of current international affairs.

One highlight during this summer is the Spanish-German summer school organized by Granada and Leipzig. This program goes back some time. 12 years ago, the first Spanish-German summer school took place. A lot has changed since then. Last year’s summer school had to be held digitally. Nevertheless, the summer school was a success. The approach of the Leipzig team was to break up the standard curriculum of the major language-teaching publishers and focus on the lives of students in Germany. This year’s event will once again focus on exciting topics such as sustainability, travel and tourism, health, media, equality and much more. From August 9 until August 27, 12 students from Granada will be learning the German language online. Students from Leipzig will start the program offered by the language team in Granada at August 20 until September 7. Read more about last year’s summer school.


News by Luise Hofmann. Picture: Students of last year German-Spanish summer school. Leipzig University.