Leipzig University holds a second edition of the Workshop "Interactive Skills Practice in the English Language Classroom"

Poster showing a group of students in class and indicating the name and date of the activity.

Due to the high demand, Leipzig University has organised a second edition of the two-part workshop for teaching staff in which interactive methods for teaching language and content courses in English will be practised. Participants will gain new insights into practical approaches to advanced level language teaching methods.

There are no previous requirements for this course, but participants are asked to share via microphone and computer camera. It is possible to take part in one (Part I or Part II) or both two independent workshops.


Date and Time (CET):

- Workshop "Interactive Skills Practice in the English Language Classroom" (Part I): 15th November 2021, 16.00-18.15.

- Workshop "Interactive Skills Practice in the English Language Classroom" (Part II): 17th November 2021, 16.00-18.15.


Please register for one or both parts here by 11th November 2021. Participants will receive an invitation to a Zoom meeting in a timely manner.

This activity is part of the Workshop Series on Language and Cross-Cultural Competence in the framework of the Action Line 4, a Multilingual and multicultural university (sub-line 4.5), led by Leipzig University. These workshops target academic and administrative staff at partner universities and focus on specific topics ranging from working and teaching through the medium of English, intercultural awareness in the classroom and outside, to inclusive language.