The 4-day Refresher “Teaching in English“ course starts tomorrow!

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The Refresher course, organized by the University of Graz, is part of a series of courses organized within the Action Line 4, Multilingual & Multicultural University of the Arqus European University Alliance. The course will be followed by the 4-day basic course called Certificate “Teaching in English”. Both courses will be offered online.

The Refresher course is intended for university teachers who are already familiar with the basics of English Medium Instruction (EMI). Participants will learn how to keep their students interested and motivated by making online teaching interactive, entertaining, supportive and with lots of opportunities for students to participate actively.

The Certificate “Teaching in English” course is intended for university teachers who are interested in learning how to teach their subjects through English. The first objective of the course is to familiarize participants with a variety of teaching strategies and scaffolding techniques suitable for teaching through English in university classrooms. The second objective is to reflect on the different issues and challenges related to teaching groups of international learners. The course will also have a language development focus.

These courses were first planned to be held in a face-to-face-format, but due to the extraordinary circumstances currently in place, they will be offered online.


We expect a great success of both courses!