The Rectors of the Arqus universities set the priorities of the Alliance until 2032

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The Arqus Rectors' Council met today to approve the renewed Arqus Mission Statement 2022-2032 and the Work Plan for the next 4 years (Erasmus+ 2022-2026). The meeting was also attended by the representatives of the Students’ Council.

This renewed Mission Statement for the period 2022-32 builds upon and substitutes the first Arqus Mission Statement 2019-25. It builds on the Alliance’s experience of working together since 2018, in particular during the first Erasmus+ work plan 2019-22 and the Horizon 2020 SwafS project Arqus R&I 2021-23 as well as on valuable contributions from the new members, Minho and Wroclaw, incorporated in late 2021 to complement the existing strengths and geographical balance, as part of the Alliance’s expansion policy for the next stage of implementation.

The Work Plan has been drafted based on the outcomes of the participatory process involving more than 200 academic and non-academic staff as well as students from all partner universities.

The Mission Statement defines globally the vision, mission, values and major goals of the Alliance for the new period. Additionally, it has a programmatic approach, establishing the priorities for the next 10 years, including all aspects of the Alliance activity (education, research, innovation, culture, societal engagement and global outreach) and being the base for the elaboration of the future work plans of the Alliance. The design, testing and implementation of an innovative model for deep inter-university cooperation will be based on key identifying features such as inclusiveness, excellence or digitalisation, among others.

The next few years of Arqus will be key to ensuring the full achievement of a truly European campus fulfilling all the missions of a university for the twenty-first century. 

During the meeting, the Rectors reiterated their solidarity with the Ukrainian people as it was expressed in the statement made on the conflict situation in this country last week.