PhD and entrepreneurship – a series of video portraits

Title of the initiative and names of the participants

Doctoral studies offer multiple career opportunities outside academia. One such path is that of entrepreneurship that many PhD students and young PhDs have already undertaken.

If Research and Entrepreneurship appear to belong to two different worlds, the researcher and the entrepreneur have more in common than it may seem.

Led by the Université de Lyon, as head of the "Entrepreneurial University and Regional Engagement" Action Line, a series of video portraits has been in developed in order to:

  • Demystify entrepreneurship and make the process accessible to all PhD students;
  • Give a representative and objective sample of the plurality of doctoral student entrepreneurs and their careers;
  • Inspire PhD students based on inspiring testimonials;
  • Show them that they can - if they want to - have a career outside the academic world;

Through this series of 5 portraits featuring PhD entrepreneurs with very different backgrounds and career paths:

  • Aurélien Duret - Co-founder and President of Neovya
  • Elodie Loisel – Co-founder, R&D and Customer Care Director at Ludocare
  • Frédérique Prochazka - Teacher-researcher, co-founder and scientific director of LACTIPS
  • Juliane Santoni - Founder and Researcher at Entrepreneurial Mindset Evolution Mentorship
  • Olivier Tillement - Professor, researcher and serial entrepreneur (co-founder of 6 startups)

The Arqus European University Alliance wants to highlight the different ways to build a business as a researcher, without being necessarily the CEO of the company. Independent consultant, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Chief Technological Officer (CTO)… are all viable non-academic career paths for a PhD student.

Watch the videos here!