How do migrant entrepreneurs boost economies? New episode of the Arqus Knowledge Pills

Picture of Eunice Cascant and the title of the podcast: how do migrant entrepreneurs boost economies?

The eighth episode of the Arqus podcast series talks about entrepreneurship from a very interesting point of view: How do migrant entrepreneurs boost economies?

Migrants are often more active as entrepreneurs than the natives of their host countries – even though they undoubtedly face several challenges during and after their move. What inspires them to become self-employed in spite of all the hardships that come along, how can we collaboratively facilitate their entrepreneurial process and why is this actually boosting host and home economies? In this episode of “Arqus Knowledge Pills”, we talk with Eunice Cascant of IAE (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises) Lyon School of Management, at Magellan Laboratory (Université Jean Moulin) about these questions.

The episodes of the “Arqus Knowledge Pills” are published on a regular basis and can be subscribed to on Spotify, anchor and other platforms (see below). Gerhild Leljak (University of Graz) and Pietro Osti (University of Padua) are the moderators that lead listeners through each episode.