Leipzig University holds a workshop on teaching pronunciation in German

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Leipzig University holds an online workshop on teaching pronunciation in German as a foreign or second language.

Clear and correct pronunciation is crucial for successful communication. Since pronunciation problems can be persistent at all levels, pronunciation training should be included as a regular part of German as a foreign or second language instruction from the very beginning. Teachers need an extensive and varied inventory of methods in order to help learners achieve success.

In this workshop, practical exercises for intonation and articulation will be used to show how pronunciation practice using physical movement, gadgets and props, and tips to find the sound, can be integrated into the lessons in a motivating way. Participants will also receive recommendations for practice materials and literature on teaching pronunciation.

The workshop will take place on the 6th of August, from 14:00 to 17:30 CEST.

Deadline for applications: 30th of June.

All the information here: Call_Ausschreibung_Workshop_Phonetik.pdf

If you are interested in participating, you must send a short e-mail to al4_arqus@uni-leipzig.de, briefly explaining what your current tasks and position are. Contact person: Jupp Möhring,