Leipzig University launches the first edition of the Arqus Café for staff members

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As part of the series in language and cross-cultural competence for staff, Leipzig University in co-operation with partner universities, has launched a virtual meeting place where staff members of the Alliance can practice their foreign language skills in a relaxed atmosphere and in a small group with a competent tutor and other language learners. It is modelled upon the popular Arqus Café for students.

This first edition will take place from 11th November till 17th December 2021. Each café takes place once a week for the duration of one hour. The following languages are currently available:

  • French: Thursdays at 15:00 CET, starting on 11th November 2021.
  • Italian: Thursdays, 16:00 CET, starting on 11th November 2021.
  • German: Fridays at 16:00 CET, starting on 12th November 2021.

Please register here preferably by 9th November

For more information please visit the webpage of the Arqus Café for Staff.

How it works:

The purpose of the Arqus Café is for you to feel free to talk about various topics while using a foreign language in a welcoming and relaxed environment. The focus is not on correcting or explaining grammar. However, a language tutor will be present at every session to lead the conversations. If you would like to practice a language with us, it is recommended to have at least an A2 level of CEFR in the target language.

The maximum number of participants per café is 12, breakout sessions will be included. While your participation is voluntarily and free of charge, we do kindly recommend you commit yourself to regularly attending the café you signed up for (altogether six sessions).

So, grab a cup of coffee and join us virtually!