The wide range of language and cross-cultural courses within the Arqus Alliance

Course catalogue Arqus

Arqus presents the full list of language and intercultural courses offered by its seven universities.

A total of 42 foreign languages and numerous aspects of intercultural competence are taught in over 400 courses, many of which are open to Arqus Alliance students.

Details of the survey: 454 courses, 352 courses open to Arqus, 42 languages

The survey of language course offer within the Arqus Alliance shows the wide spectrum that can be served by the consortium. Different courses are offered for different target groups, so there is a suitable course for everyone.

In 2021, the Arqus Alliance continues to offer a wide range of courses for teachers and learners. The course catalogue currently includes over 450 listings and is constantly being expanded.

The current course catalogue is available here.

If you are interested in one or more of the courses, whether as a participating student or a colleague interested in an exchange, please contact Action Line 4 leaders on