Bergen offers a seminar on healthy working habits

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The University of Bergen (UiB) is organizing the workshop “Transferable Skills Seminar: Healthy Working Habits: Time Management, Work/Life Balance and Writing Motivation” that will be held online on 7th June from 09:00 to 13:00 CEST.

Many researchers, at all career stages but especially early on, struggle with finding enough time to do everything. They work too much, they neglect their lives, they get burnt out – and they lose the passion for research that got them started.

How do they develop healthy working habits and how can they renew a sustainable, positive relationship to their work?

This half-day seminar will cover three related topics that deeply affect all researchers in and outside academia, and also transfer to other careers: time management, work/life balance, and writing motivation.

The seminar is open to researchers from all Arqus universities. All disciplines and career stages are welcome. The deadline for registration is 3rd June. Register here.

The course is held by Laura Saetveit Miles, professor in English literature, renowned lecturer in career development and academic professionalization, and also UiB’s scientific leader of Arqus Action Line 6: Research Support and Early Stage Researcher Development.

For more information about the schedule and programme, visit this website.