The Universities of Lyon will host the Arqus RI workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization from 1st to 3rd June

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The workshop, that was supposed to take place in January in Lyon, has been rescheduled! The Universities of Lyon and Saint-Etienne will host the 3 day-conference from 1st to 3rd June 2022.

The advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have led to considerable growth in many domains: research, economics, health, ethics and law. This implies some significant transformations in the technologies based on AI systems but also numerous societal impacts.

The objective of this first workshop is to promote exchanges on various aspects of AI. On the one hand, a first goal will consist in discussing advances in core AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Robotics, Trustworthy AI, Neuro-symbolic AI, Hybrid AI, AI & ethics. A second objective will be to cover some applications and their associated societal impact, including, but not limited to, AI & Health, AI & Environment, AI & Transport, AI & Society, AI & Energy, Responsible AI and AI & law.

The workshop will be organized around presentations of ongoing projects or already existing Arqus collaborations and shorter presentations on specific topics/research. It will give participants the opportunity to share interests and goals, exchange ideas and identify common interests that might lead to future joint research activities. The goals of this event are also to develop cooperation between the Arqus European University Alliance members with a particular emphasis on transdisciplinary approaches, plan future answers to E.U. funded calls for projects and develop student exchanges (lecture semesters, research internships, PhD joint supervisions, etc.).

All the participants who were registered in January have been contacted.

Funding is available for travel and accommodation costs for participants from Arqus universities within the framework of the Arqus European University Alliance. Please get in touch with your local Arqus officer.

For more information and in order to prepare your trip, please consult the website of the event here.

For any request, you can contact or

News prepared by Doriane Duvault.