Vilnius University will hold the first workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation in May 2022

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In the framework of the Arqus Research & Innovation project, two workshops on the theme "Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation" will be organized in 2022. The first large-scale workshop will be hosted by Vilnius University from 18th to 20th of May, 2022 in Vilnius (Lithuania). The second one will be held in Lyon (France) from 1st to 3rd June. 

Researchers and academics representing all career stages and all disciplines or cross-disciplinary research fields from the Arqus Universities are welcome to save the date and express their interest in participating. Each connection, the ideas in the relevant areas with different approaches on the topic and motivation to share your insights among colleagues from different science fields are welcome. In the online pre-registration form please indicate one or more topics of the workshop from the following list you are in touch with:

1.    European FinTech policy: risks, regulatory strategies and consumer protection.
2.    Computational finance: crypto assets, blockchain technology, algo and high-frequency trading, hedging and investing strategies.
3.    Artificial intelligence in the data-intensive domains of finance, government, business; big data analytics.
4.    Security and privacy solutions.
5.    RegTech: technologies for supervision and compliance.
6.    Digital transformation (banking, investment, insurance, environment, health, energy, etc.).

Participation is free of charge. Funding is available for travel and accommodation costs for participants from Arqus universities within the framework of the Arqus European University Alliance. For details, please contact the Arqus Officer at your University.

How to Apply:

To express your interest to participate in the Interdisciplinary Research Workshop: "FinTech: Finance, Technology & Regulation” (18-20 May 2022, Vilnius), please submit your online pre-registration form here.

For more information, download this pdf.

ADDITIONAL VALUE. The participants in the workshop will have the chance by different working ways to reflect on the interdisciplinary ideas generated together with colleagues from Arqus Universities, thus creating not only networking opportunities but also developing their identity as an Arqus Research Community, hopefully culminating in joint research efforts for Scopus/WoS publications, joint research projects. Also, participation in this event will open up opportunities for priority access to assistance, research instruments and funding according to next seeds and other funding programmes.

At the next stage, we will provide the details on the program and the event and contact directly the registered participants in March 2022.

Contact details: Dr. Gintarė Tamašauskaitė-Janickė, e-mail:, Vilnius University.