Arqus R&I publishes a toolbox to be applied in the Open Research Agenda Setting process

Poster indicating the name of the Toolbox

Arqus Research & Innovation (Arqus R&I) promotes the engagement with society through research on participative methodologies. A Toolbox for participative workshops for Open Research Agenda Setting has been published and shared online.

This toolbox contains seven “tools” or participative methodologies for workshops in which students and other citizens will be asked to contribute their ideas and priorities to the research agendas of public institutions. This exercise is part of what is called Citizen Science, a way to break the barrier between the world of science and the rest of society. Open Research Agenda Setting has the aim of involving citizens in decisions on how public money is spent for research. This can be done at various stages of the process, with different stakeholder groups and using a variety of methods.

The working group on Stakeholder Engagement of Arqus R&I, under the leadership of the University of Bergen, has spent six months working on this “Toolbox”, which will now be tried and tested in seven pilot workshops, one at each Arqus university, to study their suitability in Open Research Agenda Setting processes. The lessons learnt from the seven workshops will then be summarized in a set of “Recommendations on Open Research Agenda Setting”, to be published in June 2022.

The Toolbox is available here.

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