Arqus publishes a special video on Twinning experiences!

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Arqus Twinning aims to strengthen subject-related collaboration of staff and students and create possibilities to carry out joint learning and teaching activities through piloting short-term mobility schemes. In practical terms, Twinning implies the mobility of a team, consisting of 1 teacher and 3 to 6 students, moving to another partner institution within the same subject area during 3-5 days.

The Alliance has just released a special video about some of the Twinning experiences carried out in the partner universities. The video, which can be watched on the Arqus YouTube channel, presents the following 4 Twinning projects:

  • Vilnius University and the University of Granada in the area of translation studies and text linguistics/discourse analysis.
  • The University of Bergen, Vilnius University and the University of Padua in methodological findings and perspectives of MA thesis/studies.
  • Vilnius University and the University of Padua in children’s education at the pre-school stage.
  • Leipzig University and the University of Granada in the area of European Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights in the EU.

A multiple variety of academic, cultural and professional activities took place during these Twinning projects. A particularity of this initiative is the combination of traditional training methodologies with other extra-curricular tasks, such as visits to companies, out-door training or “learning-by-doing” exercises. As it is shown in the videos, through the diverse Twinnings activities, the students could acquire key technical and soft skills required in their specific fields. These projects are also the basis to establish networking and long-term ties between the academic communities that can result in future cooperation actions.

Would you like to know more about the Twinning initiatives from the experience of their protagonist? Enjoy this special video!

Academics can apply for Twinning activities by submitting their applications to Arqus Twinning contact person of each university when the call is announced. Information about call for proposals, together with requirements, is published on the Arqus webpage.