The Arqus Lounge is up and running!

People holding a meeting online

Last week, the Arqus Lounge held its first meeting, an opportunity for Arqus staff to get to know colleagues from other Arqus universities and to talk about current topics, their daily work, issues or common interests.

Now, the Université de Lyon invites all Arqus partners to the upcoming discussions, to share best practices on the following themes:

  • out-going mobility (led by UJM - Evelyne Lefèvre, Aurélie Brayet, Julien Strignano, Florence Courtade)
  • enabling refugees (led by Lyon 3 – Camille Vilain and team)

The first discussion on Sharing best practices on out-Going mobility will take place on 18 May from 10:30 to 12:00 CEST. The main focus will be students' mobility, but the discussions may also include staff and academic mobility.

It will be the first of a series of 4 workshops on this theme.

Each discussion will enable participants to present and discuss various aspects related to out-going mobility, such as:

  • how universities promote languages and international mobility,
  • how they prepare their students before their mobility,
  • how they keep in touch and manage them during their mobility,
  • what happens after the mobility: to what extent are students’ skills acknowledged and their experience promoted after the mobility, etc.

The first discussion will aim at sharing best practices before, during and after the mobility. It will also identify key aspects that partners are struggling with and areas that they are willing to explore together during the following discussions to be held in June and during the autumn semester.


  • By sending an email to (contact person: Fabiana de Lima), at least 3 days before the discussion, specifying your name and your institutional email address, as well as the language(s) you would like to use during the discussions (language-groups will be set up).

More information on the Arqus Lounge webpage.