Arqus celebrates the LGBT Pride Day by temporarily changing its official logo.

Arqus logo with the background of the rainbow colors

On the occasion of the LGBT Pride Day that is celebrated on June 28, Arqus has temporarily modified its official logo on social networks to show the support of the Alliance to the LGBT community, supporting the defense of their rights and the demand for equality in all those countries in which this community is not yet respected and treated equally.

In addition, Arqus has proposed to the members of the Alliance to do the same, contributing our grain of sand to temporarily more colorful social networks that give visibility to the LGBT community and thus showing our support for their fundamental rights and freedom. The first one to start this initiative was the University of Bergen, who changed its logo on Instagram at the beginning of June and will show its support to the LGBT community for the whole month.

Why June 28?

It all started at the Stonewall Inn, a tavern in Christopher Street, in Manhattan, New York, popular within the LGBT community. On the 28th of June, 1962, the police raided the tavern, but the agents were challenged by the upset customers and lost the control of the situation. Customers and passers-by began to congregate outside the tavern and the situation turned into a real riot. This event is nowadays considered the most important one in the gay liberation movement in the United States.

Although much have been achieved in the past years, there are still many countries and societies where the LGBT community is not respected and their rights are in a constant dispute.

Arqus is committed to equality, anti-discrimination, equal opportunities and diversity in the European Higher Education Area. Its Action Line 2, “Widening Access, Inclusion and Diversity”, now combines a number of coordinated proposals and common goals with the aim of making a significant overall contribution to an inclusive Higher Education Area in the future.

Here an example of the logos of our social media during these days:

logos of Bergen, Granada and Graz