The Arqus Academic Debates are back

Image composition with a picture of the four participants and the moderator, the details of the debate and an image of a lightbulb and ideas around.

The Arqus Alliance starts the new year with a new issue of the Arqus Academic Debates: “Where is my (business) mind? How young researchers succeed outside academia”.

These live discussions on the Arqus YouTube channel are meant to bring together researchers, students and experts from all member universities in front of an interested public audience. The next episode will focus on career paths for young scientists outside of the academic world.

Date: Tuesday, 25th January, 6 pm CET.

Location: live on the Arqus YouTube Channel.

What it is about:

A PhD degree used to be the first prerequisite to a career in academia. Now, young researchers may complete their thesis while launching a start-up business at the same time. “The Entrepreneurial Mind” is one that universities across the globe strive to foster both among students and scientists. But what does it take to become a successful CEO? Why is this goal even worth working for? And how does academic training help you to reach it? 

This Arqus Academic Debate will unite entrepreneurial experts with the high potential that is now eagerly waiting to jump at the opportunity. It will highlight what qualities researchers need to have in order to succeed outside academia. And it will ask how society – thus, all of us – will benefit from scientists leaving their labs, libraries and computers for a while because they are busy with business.

Who is on the panel:

•    Yafa El Masri, University of Padua

PhD student at the Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World

•    Valentin Joannet, Centre Entrepreneuriat Lyon Saint Etienne

Head of Start-Up Deeptech

•    Christian Hauke, University of Leipzig

Member of the SMILE initiative

•    Joanna Spyra, University of Bergen

PhD student at the Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion


Bernhard Weber, CEO of Unicorn, the University of Graz’s Innovation Hub

The debate will be broadcast live on the Arqus YouTube Channel.