Panel discussion: Job consequences of European Universities

Picture of the panelists

University of Bergen’s local Arqus coordinator, Katrine Moland Hansen, will on Tuesday December 8th at 11.30 participate in a panel discussion regarding emerging new jobs and the tasks and skills needed to work in a European University Alliance.

The panel will consist of officers from four different university alliances who will be discussing how the multilateral scientific co-operation shapes the university professions and which new skills and challenges have arisen in the wake of the new alliances.

The 2nd UUU panel debate - Tuesday, 8 December 2020, 11.30-13.00 CET:
“Vocations and Competencies in the Age of European Universities”

The opportunity to work with colleagues from different divisions at the university and to combine policy and practice  was part of what intrigued me most about this job", says Katrine Moland Hansen, UiB.

The panel will have two parts: in part one the officers from different University alliances will describe briefly their new jobs or the new tasks they have in the alliances.

In part two of the panel, a vice-rector and experts talk about new challenges of recruiting and/or the expectations of the next generation of professionals.

ESNA (European Higher Education News), a news agency specialised in European higher education and science policy, is currently organising a series of panel discussion and debates on recent changes in higher education in Europe. The topic of this second discussion is "new job profiles in university alliances" and it seeks to take a closer look at what new competences and professions are needed and being created right now.

Follow the panel discussion here: Vocations and Competencies in the Age of European Universities.

Photo collage: ESNA