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Vilnius University hosts the online lecture “Free and Open-Source Software: Concepts and Philosophy”, by Prof. Pablo García.

On 28th October at 15:00 CEST Vilnius University Library will host an online lecture by Prof. Pablo García Sánchez (University of Granada), entitled “Free and Open-Source Software: Concepts and Philosophy".

In the lecture, Pablo will explain the concepts and philosophy…

Position paper on a European Strategy for Universities

Arqus welcomes the initiative for a European Strategy for Universities

The Rectors of the Arqus universities adopted at their last meeting a joint position paper on a European Strategy for Universities, which tackles the four missions of higher education institutions (education, research, innovation, and service to society).

The Arqus…

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Leipzig University organizes a Lecture on European Multilingualism Policy AD 2021 by Prof. Waldemar Martyniuk

In the framework of AL4 Multilingual and Multicultural University, chaired by Leipzig University, Professor Waldemar Martyniuk will present, on 28th October, a lecture on European Multilingualism Policy…

A teacher in class with some students

The University of Graz organises the online course "Integrating Virtual Exchange into the University Classroom"

For a period of 3 weeks, with 6 contact sessions online, participants will familiarise themselves with Virtual Exchange as a pedagogical activity for engaging students in authentic intercultural collaborative projects with international partners. During the course, participants will be…

Happy Arqus Day!

Happy Arqus Day 2021!

On 18th October 2019, the Arqus Rectors’ Council was formally established in Granada and the rectors signed the partnership agreement that defines the commitments and internal working procedures of the Alliance for the first three-year work plan. Two years have passed since then, and…

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University of Graz holds the Arqus PhD Week for Careers Outside Academia from 13th to 15th October

The Arqus PhD Week for Careers Outside Academia will take place on the premises of the Unicorn (Center for Knowledge and Innovation Transfer, ZWI) on the campus of the University of Graz from 13th to 15th October 2021.

Around 60 participants (doctoral…

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Arqus holds its second high level seminar as part of the Arqus Annual Conference 2021

On 7th October 2021, the Vice-Rectors for Research and other Senior Research Policy Officers of the seven Arqus universities are meeting in the 2nd High Level Seminar to discuss joint research initiatives.

The main point on the agenda is a Joint Research Action…

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Arqus universities start opening the calls 2021/22 for Research Stays and Site Visits

Action Line 6 "Research support & Early-Stage Researcher Development", coordinated by the University of Graz (Austria), has set itself the goal of sustainably promoting existing and…

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Call for nominations for the Arqus Teaching Excellence Award: research-based teaching and enabling students

The Arqus Alliance is pleased to announce the first Arqus Teaching Excellence Award (2019-2021) in two different categories:

- The Arqus Teaching Excellence Award for enabling research-based teaching.

- The Arqus Teaching Excellence …

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Arqus Café invites you to practice foreign languages during the Erasmus Days

The Arqus Café is a virtual meeting place where students of the Arqus University Alliance can practice their foreign languages outside of language classes, in a relaxed atmosphere and in small groups. During its third edition (from 6th September to 17th December), students will get the chance to…