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The University of Graz organises the second edition of the Programme “Teaching in English: Internationalising your Curriculum”

The University of Graz is organising a programme for university teachers to develop teaching techniques, language skills and cross-cultural competence for teaching in the international classroom. It will take place during April 2022. 

The programme includes: 

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Call for applications for the 2 workshops on climate change that will be organised in Graz and Bergen

The Alliance invites researchers interested in network building and new collaborations around climate change-related issues to participate in the Arqus RI workshops on climate change. The first workshop will take place in Graz (Austria…

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Call for papers for the 1st International Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Studies

On the occasion of its 800 anniversary, the University of Padua will hold the first Arqus International Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Studies on 7th and 8th April 2022 in Padua (Italy). This symposium aims to be a forum for researchers in Translation and Interpreting from the…

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Leipzig organises a webinar on Advanced Language Learning Practice for EMI Teachers

English as a Medium of Instruction in the university context is a current research topic that encompasses many aspects of teaching, pedagogy and language learning methods. By the end of Part I of the workshop, participants will have gained an overview of theoretical ideas based on…

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How do migrant entrepreneurs boost economies? New episode of the Arqus Knowledge Pills

The eighth episode of the Arqus podcast series talks about entrepreneurship from a very interesting point of view: How do migrant entrepreneurs boost economies?

Migrants are often more active as entrepreneurs than the natives of their host countries – even though they…

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Leipzig University holds the third edition of the Workshop "Interactive Skills Practice in the English Language Classroom"

Thanks to the continuous demand, Leipzig University has decided to offer the third edition of its two-part workshop for teaching staff in which interactive methods for teaching language and content courses in English will be practised. Participants will gain new insights into some…

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The University of Granada organises the Arqus Winter School 2022 on diversity, interdisciplinarity and social challenges

After the success of the first edition, coordinated by the University of Bergen and finally held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Granada is organising the second edition of the Arqus Winter…

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Arqus TTOs draw important lessons about their organisational models and resources planning during their second virtual exchange

As part of Action Line 5, Entrepreneurial university & Regional engagement, a series of virtual meetings bringing together the different TTOs of the Arqus Alliance are held monthly. The main…

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Arqus opens the Twinning call 2021/2022

Arqus Twinning aims to strengthen the subject-related collaboration of staff and students and create possibilities to carry out joint learning and teaching activities through piloting short-term mobility schemes with a priority in Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) and STEM…

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The AIFRS group organises two face-to-face lectures on the Spanish language in Latin America at the UGR

On 14th and 16th December, Roxana Sobrino, professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Bergen, will be giving two lectures to the students of the University of Granada (UGR) in the framework of the…