Arqus Academy

Arqus Academy

The Arqus Academy is a joint Alliance body offering a wide range of shared face-to-face (f2f), blended and virtual opportunities for student learning, doctoral education, staff development and societal outreach, and their certification. It is created to act as an overarching coordinating body for all learning and staff development activities and their certification.

The Arqus Academy Itineraries and contents will be both disciplinary, where appropriate, but also go beyond traditional discipline-based approaches to address matters relating to: inclusion; sustainable development goals; entrepreneurship; transversal and forward-looking competences; language and intercultural competence; all these through the innovative methodologies of work-based learning; service learning; research-based learning and mentoring programmes.

Main Offers

Certification of teaching competences and mobility outcomes for academic staff and subsequent recognition thereof.

Numerous shared trans-national activities planned in the different Work Packages for students and doctoral candidates

An annual joint Alliance training event for local experts, who will then share their expertise at local training events for university and school staff involved and for future primary and secondary school teachers and counsellors through the Arqus Faculties of Education.

Staff development for the diverse and inclusive classroom. An annual staff development course will be designed and implemented to help academic and administrative staff to understand the complexity of the diverse classroom and campus brought about by widening access policies.

Training and staff development courses and courses for students.

A joint workshop series for staff at partner universities in order to increase their language and cross-cultural competence and to ensure inclusive and gender-appropriate language.

Pedagogical guidance by the partner universities for the language volunteers and a system for recognition in credits of this informal service learning.

Current best practices in cultural preparation for mobility and where possible new on-line opportunities.

Coordination of the Common Course Itinerary: a three-level accessible and customizable entrepreneurship course (building awareness, practical tools and knowhow, and building real entrepreneurial ventures).

About the governance

The Arqus Academy has its own Board composed of the Chairs of the six Action Line Boards and the overall project manager or another member of the SC designated to that end, who will act as Chair. The Academy Board will be responsible for the approval and certification of all learning activities organized by the Alliance. The Board will ensure coordination of learning activities, homogenization of quality standards for delivery and certification, and quality assurance of learning activities in general. The Arqus Academy will explore possible use of blockchain or similar technology to ensure interoperability and transferability of learner records.

In conclusion, Arqus will establish the Arqus Academy as an overarching structure for joint provision and certification of staff development and student learning opportunities.