Widening Access, Inclusion and Diversity

This Action Line is coordinated by the Inclusion Board, chaired by the University of Padua, and has the following main objectives:

  • Increasing inclusion (widening access and diversity) within universities.
  • Increasing the awareness of the local and regional environment about different forms of disparity, under-represented groups, diversity and inclusion.
  • Influencing inclusive policies on a regional and national level.

Overview of planned activities

Engagement with pre-university education pupils

  1. Preventive early career education: shared models of preventive early career education through the training of experts and shared resources
  2. Children’s universities: sharing best practice and development of shared guidelines for outreach activities for primary and secondary schools
  3. Women to STEM: attracting young women to STEM disciplines

Secondary/high school to university transition

  1. Support networks for inclusion: sharing best practice in services offered to meet vulnerable high school students’ needs in their transition towards university

Widening access – new transitions

  1. Recognition of prior learning: shared guidelines for a credit recognition and transfer system for accredited professional and work experience. Recommendations for national authorities
  2. Enabling refugees: a shared policy for the academic recognition and admission process of refugees
  3. Rethinking college: shared models of alternative educational pathways for students with disabilities
  4. Seniors’ Universities: sharing of best practices and short-term mobility for seniors’ universities

Inclusion and diversity at university

  1. Inclusive peer tutoring: sharing best practices and staff development for heterogeneity-sensitive programmes, internships and staff
  2. Staff development for the diverse and inclusive classroom
  3. Fast tracks for gifted students

University to World of Work

  1. Job market transition for inclusive universities Shared Policy Approach
  2. Common charters on Gender Equality, Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals

Action Line Board Chair and contact person: Benedetta Zatti (benedetta.zatti@unipd.it)