Entrepreneurial University and Regional Engagement

This Action Line is coordinated by the Entrepreneurship Board, chaired by University of Lyon, and has the following main objectives:

  • Stimulating entrepreneurial mind-set and creativity
  • Reinforcing regional engagement
  • Building on complementary strengths and cross-sectoral collaborations

Overview of planned activities

  1. Roadmap for Entrepreneurial University: transforming governance and approach to entrepreneurship at Arqus universities
  2. Arqus Entrepreneurship Community: establishing a network of staff and mentors across Arqus, piloted by the Entrepreneurship Board
  3. Common Course Itinerary: a three-level accessible and customizable entrepreneurship course (building awareness, practical tools and knowhow, and building real entrepreneurial ventures)
    • Engaged Community Challenge: a European SDG-based challenge, using the resources to build awareness on entrepreneurship
    • Virtual Company Creation Contest: an open-source contest to encourage participants already open to entrepreneurship to implement practical tools and knowhow
    • International Soft Landing for Young Entrepreneurs (ISLYE): a programme designed to host young entrepreneurs at partner academic incubators
  4. From Brain Drain to Brain Gain: developing unexploited technologies into ventures with PhD graduates and attracting alumni back to Europe to participate in these enterprises
  5. European Interns for SMEs: a common platform for sharing internship opportunities at start-ups and SME partners of the alliance to reinforce socioeconomic engagement
  6. Arqus socio-economic network: connecting socio-economic partners (chambers of commerce, economic clusters...) through the Arqus Alliance to reinforce the exchange of entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation with each partner
  • Watch here a series of webinars on business culture organised by the 7 Arqus universities.

Action Line Board Chair and contact person: Marie Eyquem (marie.eyquem@univ-lyon3.fr)