Engaged European Citizens

This Action Line is coordinated by the European Citizenship Board, chaired by University of Bergen, and has the following main objectives:

  • Developing and disseminating novel models of active European citizenship whereby students engage with contemporary global thematic challenges and work together across national borders to address them
  • Developing and piloting a process for cultivating Arqus knowledge creating teams to engage with thematic challenges
  • Strengthening students’ transferable skills through education and capacity-building
  • Developing, piloting and disseminating innovative models for multidisciplinary, student-led education across the Alliance and beyond

Overview of planned activities

  1. Arqus Collaboratory challenge-based learning programme: a multimodal programme of activities to pilot challenge-based learning opportunities
  2. Arqus Collaboratory Winter School: kick-off event for the Collaboratory programme
  3. Arqus communication and dissemination learning programme: a blended learning programme in communication and dissemination skills
  4. Arqus annual student-led forum: an annual student-led forum on engaged European citizenship in times of uncertainty
  5. Arqus Workshops and MOOCs:
    1. Train-the-trainer workshops and MOOC on challenge-based learning: staff development on innovative student-led methodologies for challenge-based learning
    2. MOOC: Mental borders, physical borders and the shaping of modern European identity
  6. Arqus Learning Object Repository: an on-line library to store, share and publish innovative learning resources, connected to the Arqus Portal

Action Line Board Chair and contact person: Jakob Grandin (Jakob.grandin@uib.no)