Company Creation Challenge 20202

Arqus presents the European Final of the first Arqus Virtual Company creation challenge!

This challenge encourages students who are already open to entrepreneurship to implement the practical tools and knowledge learned through their local programmes on entrepreneurship.

Participating partner universities selected their best student team from their local programmes to participate in this common European final.

Together with local mentors, the teams have worked on their business model and created a short video pitch.

The time for voting is over. The winners will be announced very soon

Cities on Air

Jorge Muñoz, Juan Aparicio, Willy Ayissi

The project aims to develop a customizable platform based on artificial intelligence to monitor and predict air quality in real time.


Anna Guazzo

The project aims to develop reusable gloves that exploits the antiviral properties of copper to ensure both staff and environment protection.


Kay Plat, Carlotta Berberich, Alexander Jaworski

The project aims to develop highly automated indoor farming modules using aquaponics and hydroponics to make vertical farming accessible to everyone.


Alicia Boni, Louis Dumond, Chloé Augay, Auriane Durand

The project aims to develop a 3 step-practice and experience to reassure children before, during and after blood tests.

sono TOM

Kerstin Drechsler, Raffaela Beinsteiner, Monika Veit, Magdalena Gross

The project aims to develop training modules to help doctors, sonographers and medical staff to learn and practice the psychomotor skills set necessary for ultrasound guided vascular access before performing the medical intervention on a patient.

The time for voting is over. The winners will be announced very soon

A jury, made up of members of Arqus’ regional economic partners, will rate the video. This will account for 50% of the final score. Public votes for the videos will count for the other 50% of the final score.

The video with the highest score will win the competition and a chance to have a mobility visit to one of the Arqus’ partners, for a cultural and exploratory experience coordinated by the local entrepreneurship centre.