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Stefanie Weissensteiner


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Stefanie is the Head of the International Department of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH) of the University of Graz. She did an internship with the Erasmus+ program in Berlin and has worked as consultant and marketing professional. She studies Business Education and holds two Degrees in International Management as well as Marketing and Sales.

Anita Neudorfer


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Anita Neudorfer studied Religious Studies, Indology and Music Therapy. Since 2017 she is PhD-Researcher in Sociology at the International Doctoral Program "Resonant Self-World Relations in Ancient and Modern Socio-Religious Practices" of the Universities of Graz (Austria) and Erfurt (Germany). In her PhD-project she analyses forms of subjectivication and discourses on the singing and healing market on an empirical base. 

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