Steering Committee


Dorothy Kelly


Vice Rector for Internationalization at the University of Granada since 2008. Former Chair of the Executive Board of the Coimbra Group 2010-2017. Executive Secretary of the Committee for Internationalization and Development Cooperation at the Spanish Rectors' Conference (CRUE). Full professor in Translation, specializing in Translator Education, Intercultural Studies and Directionality.

Ignacio Blanco


Director for International Strategy at the University of Granada. In 2001, he got a PhD in Computer Science. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and AI. He has been serving as various management positions at UGR since 2010. Member of the eLearning Task Force and Education and Innovation Working Group of the Coimbra Group.

Irene Pedreira Romero


Director for International Projects and Agreements at the University of Granada (Spain). She has nineteen years’ experience in international education and has administered a vast number of mobility schemes and transnational education projects in the framework of EU and non-EU funded programmes.


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Margareth Hagen

Phone : +47 55 58 93 77

Pro-Rector Margareth Hagen is a Professor of Italian Literature and was elected Pro-Rectorin 2017. She is responsible for the development of the University’s researchactivities and for the internal organization of the University.

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Oddrun Samdal

Phone : +47 55 58 25 60

Vice-Rectorfor Education Oddrun Samdal is a Professor of Health Promotion and HealthPsychology and a Vice-Rector since 2013. She is responsible for the developmentof the University’s educational activity.


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Petra Schaper-Rinkel


Vice-Rector for Digitalisation at the University of Graz since 2019, where she is also Professor of Science and Technology Studies. Before, she has been responsible for EU projects on science, technology and innovation policy and responsible for establishing Foresight and Technology Assessment at the Austrian Parliament at the AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology.

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Diana Afrashteh

Phone : +4
3 (0) 316 380-1247

Diana Afrashteh is Deputy Director of the Office of International Relations of the University of Graz (Austria). Her main responsibilities include managing cooperation with European partners and networks. As Erasmus Institutional Coordinator she has extensive experience with European academic mobility, transnational educational projects and EU funded programmes.

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Alexandra Dorfer

Phone : +4
3 (0) 316 380-1063

Alexandra Dorfer is Deputy Head of the Department of Academic Services and the Competence Center for University Teaching at the University of Graz (Austria). Her main areas of expertise are quality development in university teaching, educational policy, and empirical educational research.


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Thomas Hofsäss

Phone : +49 341 97-30010

Vice-Rector for Education and International Affairs. Professor Thomas Hofsäss is Vice-Rector for Education and International Affairs. His responsibilities include fundamental issues of teaching and learning as well as quality development and assurance in teaching and study. The Vice-Rector is also responsible for internationalisation as well as inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities in the academic domain.

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Svend Poller

Phone : +49 341 97-32020

Dr. Svend Poller is the Head of the International Centre at Leipzig University. He steers internationalisation in all aspects and concerning all target groups, i.e. international students and staff, alumni, exchanges, partnerships, projects, programmes, communication, and strategies.

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Tabea Mager

Tabea Mageradvises academic and administrative staff at Leipzig University inimplementing international degree programmes on Bachelor, Master and Doctorallevel. Her work entails project development, integration into institutionalstructures, optimising administrative procedures, preparing partnershipagreements, and exploring funding opportunities.


Hélène Courtois

Phone : +33 (0)4 72 43 28 39

Since 2016, Prof. Helene Courtois is Vice-President for International Relations of University of Lyon 1. Lyon 1 is a member of the larger ‘Université de Lyon’, focusing on hard sciences, education, health and sports for 45,000 students.

She is an internationally acclaimed astrophysicist, member of several scientific advisory boards for institutions and ministries in France, Spain, Germany and USA. She received in 2018 the award for most influential French scientist of the year at the French ministry of foreign affairs.

Since 2008, she is an active expert for the European commission Evaluation panels: ITN, Erasmus Mundus, and Marie Curie fellowships. She is also an evaluator for the French National Agency (ANR) and the French Cosmology Program (PNCG).

She developed and implementedinnovative teaching pedagogies, such as peer teaching, interactive amphitheatre,virtual labs, reversed class, teaching for remote students at the Master level,permanent exhibitions for the large public, participative citizen scienceproject, large public TV movies and TV broadcasts, etc... She received in 2018the international Eureka award for teaching and outreach in Science.

Alain Trémeau

Phone : +33 (0)4 77 91 57 52

Full Professor at the Physic department (UJM) since 1999 and Vice-Rector for International Relations at UJM since 2018. He was the main coordinator of the EM Master program CIMET from 2008 to 2012 and of the EMJMD program COSI from 2014 to 2019. He also coordinates since 2012 the Franco-Norwegian Master degree 3DMT. He is member of the International Commission at UDL in charge of International development of UDL teaching programs and research projects. He published more than 200 book chapters/books/ papers in journals/ papers in conferences (h-index 20, 2165 citations) and supervised 15 PhD. He is/was also involved in several International PhD committees as external advisor. He is/was involved in several national research projects. For example, since 2019 he coordinates the GDR Appamat (CNRS - Group of Research National N° 2044). He has several collaborations with several research laboratories/HEIs in the world. For example, in June 2019 he will be nominated Doctor Honoris Causa at University of Eastern Finland.

Guillaume Rousset

Phone : +33 (0)4 78 78 70 34

Guillaume Rousset who holds a PhD in Law, is a Senior lecturer in Private Law, specializing in Health Law. Since 2011, Guillaume Rousset is Vice-President for International Affairs of University of Lyon 3. Lyon 3 is a member of the larger ‘Université de Lyon’, focusing on humanities and social sciences (law, business, languages, literature, philosophy…) for a total of 30,000 students. He is also involved in European Capacity Building projects and Associate Dean of the Law faculty of the French university in Armenia (UFAR – Université française en Arménie). His research is recognized in health law and he is the Secretary General of the French Health Law Association (Association française de droit de la santé – AFDS).


Alessandro Paccgnella

Phone : +39 049 8277686

Alessandro Paccagnella is the Vice Rector for International Relations.

AP is full professor of Electronics. His research activity is focused on the reliability of micro/nano-electronic devices and circuits, with specific attention on the radiation effects. In the years 2008-2014 he was Director of the Department of Information Engineering, sitting in the University Academic Senate in the years 2012 - 2014. Since October 2015 he is the Vice-Rector for International relations. AP is also Honorary Professor of the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.

Elena Autizi

Phone : +39 049

Dr. Elena Autizi got her PhD degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering in March 2006 from the University of Padova. She has been involved in many national and international projects and she is co-author of over 20 peer-review papers. She has been coordinating the International Office of the University of Padova since January 2018. She is a member of the local Erasmus Committee and she is part of the Coimbra group. She is a member of the board of Administration of the University of Padova.


Greta Druteikiene
Greta Druteikiene

Phone : +37 052398778

Pro-rector for Partnerships of Vilnius University, with previous (8 years) experience as Vice-dean for research and international cooperation at the Faculty of Economics of Vilnius University. Acted as head of doctoral studies board and a member of research and doctoral committee for management at the Faculty of Economics, Vilnius University.

Well established professional with versatile experience in science,teaching and administration. Extensive practice in teaching (18 years) andresearcher (more than 30 scientific publications) with the focus on corporateimage management, university reputation and rankings management, crisiscommunication, management in organizations, human resources management. Improvedher qualification she through participation in a number of seminars andtrainings in Lithuania, Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Has experience in national and international scientificprojects, and organization of multiple internationalconferences. Is a member of editorial boardof an international journal « Contemporary Research on Management and Administration » (CROMA).

Valdas Jaskunas
Valdas Jaskunas

Phone : +37 052687012

Currently acts as Vice-rector of Studies. Has experience as the director of the Centre Oriental Studies at Vilnius University, a member in the Study Evaluation Committee at the Centre for Quality Assessment in HE in Lithuania. Participated in decision making bodies of academic and non-governmental networks, including Anna Lindth Foundation (EUROMED) Lithuanian Network, Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS). 

Vice-rector of Studies, since late 1990s pursued his academic career in Asian and Area studies, since 2000s taking various positions from education management to senior management position as the director of the Centre Oriental Studies at Vilnius University.

Took part in external quality assurance as a member of the Study Evaluation Committee at the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, Lithuania, as well as acted as an expert of international external peer review panels for study programmes in humanities and arts in Lithuania and Latvia.

Participated in decision making bodies of academic and non-governmental networks, including Anna Lindth Foundation (EUROMED) Lithuanian Network, Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS). Currently is a member of the national BFUG.

Raimonda Markeviciene

Phone : +37 052687182

Head of International Programmes and Relations Office of Vilnius University, started her career as a university teacher later switching over to administration.

Experienced in international relations, international projects and internationalisation at home. Responsible for establishing policy and structures fostering mobility at the university as well as set up and the scheme of course in foreign languages with the aim to foster incoming student mobility.

Took part in the national working groups developing implementation strategies of Diploma Supplement, recognition, and internationalisation policies.  As an expert she has participated in several national projects and is a co-author of several national studies aimed to improve mobility, recognition and internationalisation. She had initiated a national project aimed at introducing ECTS in Lithuania according to Tuning methodology.

Experienced national ECTS/DS coordinator working on European level since 1999 and has been a national Bologna expert since 2004 as well as a member of the national BFUG. As an ECTS expert she was a member of the working groups developing ECTS Key Features and ECTS Users’ Guides of 2009 and 2015, and a member of Tuning management committee.