Steering Committee


Dorothy Kelly
Ignacio Blanco
Irene Pedreira Romero


Margareth Hagen
Oddrun Samdal


© Diana Afrashteh
Diana Afrashteh

Diana Afrashteh is Deputy Director of the Office of International Relations of the University of Graz (Austria). Her main responsibilities include managing cooperation with European partners and networks. As Erasmus Institutional Coordinator she has extensive experience with European academic mobility, transnational educational projects and EU funded programmes.

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Alexandra Dorfer

Alexandra Dorfer is Deputy Head of the Department of Academic Services and the Competence Center for University Teaching at the University of Graz (Austria). Her main areas of expertise are quality development in university teaching, educational policy, and empirical educational research.


Thomas Hofsäss
Svend Poller


Hélène Courtois
Alain Trémeau
Guillaume Rousset


Alessandro Paccgnella
Elisabetta Zanaga


Greta Druteikiene
Greta Druteikiene

Pro-rector for Partnerships, with previous (8 years) experience as Vice-dean for research and international cooperation at Faculty of Economics. Acted as head of doctoral studies board and a member of research and doctoral committee for management at the Faculty of Economics, Vilnius University. Has experience in national and international scientific projects. 

Valdas Jaskunas
Valdas Jaskunas

Currently acts as Vice-rector of Studies. Has experience as the director of the Centre Oriental Studies at Vilnius University, a member in the Study Evaluation Committee at the Centre for Quality Assessment in HE in Lithuania. Participated in decision making bodies of academic and non-governmental networks, including Anna Lindth Foundation (EUROMED) Lithuanian Network, Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS). 

Raimonda Markeviciene

Head of International Relations Office. Expert in several national projects, co-authoring several national studies aimed to improve mobility, recognition and internationalisation. Experienced national ECTS/DS coordinator working on European level since 1999. As an ECTS expert worked on developing ECTS Key Features and ECTS Users’ Guides of 2009 and 2015, and in Tuning management committee.