Major goals for 2025


The principal ambition of the Arqus Alliance is to act jointly as a laboratory from which to move forward in the design, testing and implementation of an innovative model for deep inter-university cooperation. The Alliance aims to consolidate a joint governance structure to facilitate the development of consensual joint policies and action plans, to consolidate participative structures to facilitate cross-cutting integration at all levels of the partner institutions, and to share its experience with other groupings in order to communicate the added value to be found in its model of integration.

Enabling people

The Arqus Alliance aims to centre its efforts on enabling people: enabling a widely diverse student body and enhancing their learning experience; enabling a similarly diverse staff community and promoting their individual and collective professional development; enabling society at large by opening our doors and fully responding to the mission it has entrusted us.

Widening access and inclusion

The Alliance aims to promote widening access for diverse student and staff populations, facilitating inclusive admission and recruitment policies, and attracting talent from less represented groups. The Alliance aims to develop shared policies for inclusion and diversity for all members of the university community.

Quality student learning

To enhance the quality of student learning and employability, the Alliance aims ultimately to have a shared academic offer. The Alliance aims to share new forms of mobility and best practice for recognition of all kinds: for credit
mobility; for formal, informal and non-formal learning; for prior learning; for service learning; and of qualifications. The Alliance aims to share innovative and inclusive teaching and learning methodologies and staff development initiatives.

Multilingual university

The Alliance aspires to ensuring truly multilingual environments at partner universities using its language diversity to promote multilingualism throughout the universities’ activities, for the entire community and beyond. The Alliance aspires to moving beyond language competence in order also to promote intercultural communication competence amongst students and staff.

Entrepreneurial university and regional engagement

The Arqus Alliance aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity amongst the entire university community and across different areas of activities, through mutual learning, by engaging regional resources and building on the complementary strengths of all its members. It aims further to devote its efforts to developing and sharing innovative cross-sectoral collaborations.

Research support and early career researcher development

The Alliance aims to share best practice in research management and support and to find ways in which to share a variety of resources. It aims to promote joint doctoral and post-doctoral initiatives as the basis for early-stage researcher development and to promote shared opportunities. It further aims to enhance actual research collaboration within the Alliance and with European and global partners.

Global engagement

The Alliance aims to set up joint global initiatives in education and research, building on the complementarity of the members’ strategic partners worldwide. It further aims to build on that complementarity to promote Europe and Arqus as an attractive space for talent from around the world to study, research or work.