Core Values

The Arqus European University Alliance:

  • Is based on the conviction that by working together it is possible to move forward towards existing institutional and new Alliance strategic goals faster, better and with greater societal impact than individually.
  • Defends and promotes the core European values of democracy, respect for diversity and of human rights, and the rule of law as the transversal basis for all its activities and policies.
  • Undertakes to work towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a roadmap towards future global human wellbeing;
  • Is committed to academic freedom and open and critical dialogue, recognizing the need to ensure academic integrity at individual and institutional level and, as public institutions, to assume full responsibility for our activities, and render transparent account of them to authorities and society;
  • Is a space for personal and professional development for all, situating people clearly at the centre;
  • Believes that an essential first step in the qualitative leap desired by the European Education Area is staff development and support in all areas of cooperation;
  • Is firmly committed to ensuring and promoting equity and inclusion, and to eliminating barriers of all kinds to access to higher education, and hence to knowledge and to the opportunities it creates.
  • Believes that its members’ global impact is enhanced by being firmly rooted in each partner’s local and regional contexts;
  • Believes that the doctoral cycle is a key learning space, with capacity for strengthening the knowledge triangle and bridging the educational and research missions of the Alliance, and for establishing lasting disciplinary and transversal cooperation networks for the future.
  • Is strongly committed to a participative approach to its governance and decision-making structures, to promoting inter-institutional dialogue at all levels of individual members’ internal structures, and to ensuring that all those belonging to the university community have the possibility to become familiar with, participate in, and influence the Alliance’s activities.